We believe in living a purpose-driven life.

The truth is, we were all put here for a reason. You were created with unique passions, gifts, and talents.

We believe there is no better way to live your life than to step into all that you were created to be.

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Hi there! We’re Pete + Jordan, co-founders of QFYC. We’re on a mission to empower you to live out your God-given purpose: in life + in work.

What started as a journey to navigate through our own quarter-life crises has evolved into a purpose bigger than ourselves.

You see, a few years back, we were working for great companies, living in new cities, and bringing in very fortunate paychecks as recent graduates. So what was the problem? We knew it wasn’t right. We weren’t fulfilled in any aspect of our careers and we were looking for something more from our lives.

Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place!

After taking the plunge to leave our jobs (and belongings and apartments) behind, we backpacked South America on a journey of self-discovery and faith. As we grew, so did QFYC. Two years and two businesses later, we’ve discovered just how many others are looking for the same simple thing out of their life + work: purpose.

QFYC is dedicated to creating community, conversation, and courses to enable you to step into all that you were created to be.

Here’s to living your best life.

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