using heading tags in your blog

Heading Tags and How to Use Them in Your Blog

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We’ve always been big believers in small businesses. It’s why we originally started our own marketing company – to build websites for small business owners and support our local community. We know the hustle and hard work that is involved with turning your passion into a paycheck. We know what it’s like to start something out of nothing – whether …

automatically post to instagram

Automatically Posting to Instagram

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It’s no secret that Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool and platform to grow your business. And while we love lead generation and paid advertising to drive qualified traffic and leads, there’s nothing better than getting organic inquiries in your direct messages! This past year, we’ve booked quite a few clients from our Instagram profile and so we’ve REALLY started …

what you need to know about the facebook newsfeed update

What You Need to Know About the Facebook Newsfeed Update

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By now, you’ve surely heard about Facebook’s big news feed update. According to the Facebook press release, this new update is all about bringing people together.  Why? Because Facebook wants to make its users happy. A happy Facebook user comes back again and again. An unhappy user doesn’t come back so often.  So how did this come into play in …

Full-Time RVing + Building a Brand on the Road | Our Interview with Alyssa Padgett

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please note, we only recommend products + tools we love and use ourselves 🙂 When Pete first convinced me that we should start off our marriage by living full-time in an RV, I scoured the internet like the type-A perfectionist that I am. I wanted to know EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about RVing. What in …

What is Alt Text and How Does it Impact Your SEO?

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Ahhhh alternative text. Those sneaky little buggers are unknown to many new bloggers and business owners… And yet, they can be an incredibly important piece of your SEO (search engine optimization). At first, we used to be surprised when we’d audit a business owner’s website and see they had absolutely ZERO alternative tags on their website. I remember one of our …

Buying a Domain Name with GoDaddy

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*Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. BlueHost vs. GoDaddy – What You Should Know Before You Begin While buy most of our domain names on GoDaddy, if you are just starting your blog or website and you still need to buy hosting, we recommend doing everything in BlueHost!       We have an entire step-by-step blog post …

How to Keep Line Breaks When Posting on Instagram

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Ahhh the line breaks.. these guys were the bane of my existence when posting on Instagram. I’d take all this time crafting a well-thought-out post, make it look all pretty and formatted, and then it all just went “poof!” when I pressed “share.” Somewhere during the uploading process, my pretty little spaces and line breaks decided they weren’t going to …